How To Use

It could not be simpler, just add a spray or two of Clean Wine to your empty glass of wine, pour and swill!

Dosing (per 250ml of wine)

Champagne, long cellaring and organic wines – 1 to 2 sprays

Red, white and rosé wine – 2 to 5 sprays

Sweet wines, sherries and port – 5 to 6 sprays

The above dosage range depends on the wine, the level of preservatives that have been added to it, and how badly you are affected with hangovers after drinking wine. If unsure, start at the lower end of the range and increase, if needed, based on how you feel the day after.

Clean Wine comes in a small sprayer bottle that can be taken with you, so you can enjoy good, and clean, wine anywhere.

Clean Wine is best used to treat New World wines and those made to a modern specification which have higher levels of preservatives. Care should be taken when treating older high-quality wines as too much Clean Wine will lead to oxidisation of the wine, which can flatten the flavour.

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