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Fancy a Glass without the hangover?

Can I really drink wine without getting a hangover?

Clear Wine safely removes artificial preservatives that are added to wine as part of the winemaking process.  These preservatives are called sulphites and are known to cause, and make worse, hangovers when drinking wine.

All wines have sulphites, but some more than others.  However, just adding a drop or two of Clear Wine to your glass before drinking will remove these harmful chemicals without any noticeable effect on the taste of the wine.

So raise a glass to a cleaner wine, with Clean Wine.

Why should I use it?

Anyone who fancies a glass or two of wine without sulphites should use Clear Wine.

It has been long argued that sulphites in wine aggravate the effects of a hangover. This has been debated for many years with the wine industry reluctant to accept that the preservatives they add to wine has adverse effects.

Sulphites also have a particularly adverse effect on females and more so on post-menopausal women.

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What They Say

“As a middle aged woman I noticed that from my mid-forties I started to feel ill effects after drinking a few glass of red wine.  I tried Clean Wine but was sceptical that it would have any effect.  However, to my pleasant surprise the next day after drinking red wine with Clean Wine I felt like I had not had a drink.  I won’t drink wine without Clean Wine now!” Jane

“I noticed that I used to suffer worse from my asthma after drinking wine compared to drinking spirits and always seemed to have a irritating asthma cough in the morning after wine the previous evening.  I then read about sulphites aggravating asthma and tried Clean Wine to remove them.  This stuff is great, I now don’t have the same adverse effects after drinking wine with Clean Wine and I definitely have a clearer head the next day.” Darren

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