Fancy a Glass without the hangover?

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1 day ago
Monica C.
(verified owner)

This stuff is amazing, no more prosecco hangovers, I’ll never be without it now

1 day ago
(verified owner)

I feel this actually worked for me in red and white wine.

2 days ago
jacquiline H.
(verified owner)
2 days ago
C E I Beattie
(verified owner)

Really pleased. Works well and I am enjoying being able to have a glass of wine again without worrying about headache after effect.

2 days ago
(verified owner)

It really works. I was sceptical but, after a few too many glasses of wine I had no sign of a headache the next morning. I have recommended Clean Wine to all family and friends.

2 days ago
(verified owner)

I bought this for my mum who is allergic to wine; it makes her nose, throat and ears itch, with prolonged sneezing fits. She'd pretty much given up on drinking wine as it was so uncomfortable, after only a few sips. Clean wine is a complete game-changer! She can now drink as much wine as she likes with no allergic reaction at all, and it doesn't affect the taste in any way. I think this is quite possibly the best gift she's ever been given!

3 days ago
Geraldine Brown
(verified owner)

Brilliant product

1 week ago
Claire L.
(verified owner)

Great product & great service

1 week ago
Mandy R.
(verified owner)

I recommend hangover for me and didn't spoil the taste.

Can I really drink wine without getting a hangover?

Yes, Clean Wine’s special formula treats wine in a way which reduces, and even eliminates, the effects of a hangover after drinking it.  And what’s better still, it does this at a minimal cost of just 7 pence per glass of wine, with one Clean Wine bottle treating around 100 glasses of wine!

It works by a process of “cleaning” the wine by safely removing chemical compounds that are known to aggravate hangovers.  The chemicals are found, to a lesser extent generally, in other alcoholic drinks and so, despite the name, Clean Wine will treat other beverages, to varying degrees.

We appreciate that there will be some people who may be sceptical about this revolutionary new product.  However, Clean Wine has been launched after significant research & development and the science is backed up by double-blind clinically proven studies.

We are already receiving rave reviews from customers who have tried Clean Wine. We don’t have a large number of reviews yet, as the product has only recently been made available to the general public.  However, click here to see a recent Instagram video customer review and click here to read our Trustpilot reviews.

So raise a glass to a cleaner wine, with Clean Wine.

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Why should I use it?

Anyone who wants to prevent or reduce the effects of a hangover, headache or fuzzy head the morning after drinking wine should use Clean Wine.

It has long been known that certain chemicals in wine aggravate the effects of a hangover.  That is why many people report worse hangovers after drinking wine compared to, say, having a few gin & tonics.  Clean Wine safely removes these compounds with its special formula to prevents the dreaded wine hangover! 

Furthermore, the chemicals in Wine, that are targeted and removed by Clean Wine, are known to have a particularly adverse effect asthmatics and on females and more so on menopausal and post-menopausal women.

“I followed my first glass of rosé with a second, and felt a little tipsy. Was I going to regret that second glass? Amazingly, I felt as right as rain. No thumping head, no desperate craving for carbs and coffee. What kind of witchcraft was this?”

-Claudia Connell, The Daily Mail

“Love wine, but hate the hangovers? Then Clean Wine is perfect for you”

-Tyler Goodyer, The Observer

Usually, three glasses is my limit. But I ended up supping two thirds of the bottle before hitting the sack. The next morning, there was none of the usual queasiness or even a hint of a headache, so I messaged all my mates and raved about my miracle find.”

-Claire Dunwell, The Sun

I’m so excited I came across ‘cleanwine’ and am able to eliminate toxins from the wine I’m consuming and enjoy knowing I wont have a dreaded hangover too.”

– Gemz Louise, Glolifewellness


What They Say

“As a middle aged woman I noticed that from my mid-forties I started to feel ill effects after drinking a few glass of red wine.  I tried Clean Wine but was sceptical that it would have any effect.  However, to my pleasant surprise the next day after drinking red wine with Clean Wine I felt like I had not had a drink.  I won’t drink wine without Clean Wine now!” Jane

“I noticed that I used to suffer worse from my asthma after drinking wine compared to drinking spirits and always seemed to have a irritating asthma cough in the morning after wine the previous evening.  I then read about sulphites aggravating asthma and tried Clean Wine to remove them.  This stuff is great, I now don’t have the same adverse effects after drinking wine with Clean Wine and I definitely have a clearer head the next day.” Darren

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