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Choose one, two, four or ten bottles of Clean Wine from the dropdown menu above.

(One bottle is enough for around 100 medium size glasses of a mixture of wines - cost just 7 pence or less per glass)


Clean Wine is clinically proven to reduce, or even eliminate, the effects of a hangover after drinking wine. Clean Wine can safely be used by anyone who drinks wine and suffers from hangovers but wishes avoid them.

How to Use

It could not be simpler, just add a few sprays of Clean Wine to your empty glass of wine (see below for dosing) pour and swill and you will significantly reduce the effects of a hangover without any noticeable effect on the taste of the wine!

Dosing (per 250ml of wine)

Champagne, long cellar and organic wines – 1 -2 sprays

Red, white, rosé and sparkling wine - 2 - 3 sprays

Sweet wines, sherries and port – 5 - 6 sprays

The above dosage range depends on the wine, the level of preservatives that have been added to it, and how badly you are affected by hangovers. If unsure, start at the lower end of the range and increase, if needed, based on how you feel the day after.

Clean Wine is best used to treat New World wines and those made to a modern specification which have higher levels of preservatives. Care should be taken when treating older high-quality wines as too much Clear Wine will lead to oxidisation of the wine, which can flatten the flavour.

Clean Wine comes in a small bottle spray that can be taken with you, so you can enjoy good, and clean, wine anywhere.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Bottle size: 5ml

Store in a cool dry place and out of reach of children. Use within 12 months of opening and use by date.

Do not use otherwise than as directed and avoid contact with the eyes.  If Clean Wine gets into the eyes flush thoroughly with water. Wash off skin.

Additional information

Number of Bottles

1, 2, 4, 10

84 reviews for Clean Wine (1 to 10 bottles)

  1. June Firth (verified owner)

    I did see an improvement of symptoms (cough and headache) straightaway. However when I tried spraying more CW it did impair the wine’s flavour. Have since used a larger glass so there is more room to ‘swill’ the wine around and this seems to have done the trick

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    Better than the other on the market!

  3. Debbie T. (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic. This really works and have used on a number of occasions. Have even purchased for my wedding guests!

  4. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    Brilliant works brilliant and excellent customer service.

  5. christina (verified owner)

    cynical but willing to give it a go. I love new world red wines but headache in the am spoiled the experience . Clean wine 100% working for me. 2 sprays in each glass no hangover symptoms the next day simple as that.

  6. MRS KAREN STILL (verified owner)

    I was extremely sceptical about this product but low and behold it actually works! I started off with two sprays per large glass of white wine but still had a bit of her fuzzy head the next day, so the next time I tried 4 sprays per large glass of White wine and that seemed to do the trick! No headache or hangover whatsoever the next day. I guess the quantity of sprays needed is different for everyone, so start off with two sprays, then try 3 then….etc to find out how many suits you. Also, the company are very obliging should you have any issues.

  7. Peter (verified owner)

    It may look like a scam but this product really works. Strongly recommended.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very helpful

  9. Karen (verified owner)

    I’m ever the sceptic about claims like this, but this actually works! First off I tried 2 squirts per large glass of 12% white wine, the next day still had a little bit of a sore head, so the next time I tried 4 squirts and hey presto! Absolutely no hangover whatsoever the next day. I guess it’s trial and error as we all suffer different degrees of hangovers don’t we.

  10. Helen (verified owner)

    I was very sceptical about this product, followed the instructions, and after imbibing in 3 large glasses of Sauvignon blanc I was headache free the following morning.
    A winner for me.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and so far so good

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Seems to make your hangover less

  13. Lauren C. (verified owner)

    This really is a game changer 😍
    Fast delivery
    Very happy customer, recommending this to everyone!!

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was not using correct first few times. You have to be generous 4-5 sprays for a sav Blanc. Worth it for no hangover. I’m pleasantly surprised

  15. Tammy Montgomery-Baxter (verified owner)

    Love this product, it works!!!’

  16. Jean B. (verified owner)

    I am asthmatic and have been unable to drink red wine – until I discovered this wonderful product. I’m absolutely delighted.

  17. Lynne (verified owner)

    This is a total game changer, it works perfectly and with no alteration to the taste of the wine. What’s not to love? Thank you Clean Wine 🙂

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing it really works.

  19. Tracy (verified owner)

    Can’t believe this actually works! ! 🙂

  20. Kelly D. (verified owner)

    Real sceptic but I thought it actually worked!

  21. Hayley (verified owner)

  22. lisa (verified owner)

    Two words… It works! Obviously I was sceptical about my purchase as you never know if these things are going to be a gimmick.. and having seen it advertised on Instagram, you never really know where you are buying from, but I watched a video review from a middle age woman who gave an honest review, I looked her up on Instagram to make sure she wasn’t an “influencer” and realised that her review was genuine and honest.. and based on that I took the plunge. At first you wonder if it’s a placebo the next day when you wake with no headache or fuzzy head, but having tested it numerous times (lol) I can honestly tell you it works. I have just ordered some more. And I am giving them to my friends for presents too! I will never look back now and will never have a wine hangover again. What have you got to lose! £7.50 .. .it’s worth the punt. And you won’t regret it.

  23. Julie C. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery thank you. Not sure if it works yet the jury’s still out on that one

  24. Andrew (verified owner)

    Thought the drops were easier to administer

  25. Michelle Maxwell (verified owner)

    Kinda figured that it was pointless just having the one glass as I wasn’t going to get a hangover from it! 1 bottle later and I was pretty pissed, slurring, Repeating myself, playing loud music and generally having a fab time 🥴 Fully expected to be hanging the next day but …. ta da….no hangover! It didn’t combat the tiredness all day though 😂

  26. alison howard (verified owner)

    Amazing product, it really does work😁

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Alison

      Thank you for your review, really glad to hear that you think Clean Wine is amazing and that it worked well for you!


      Clean Wine

  27. C W Gross (verified owner)

    I’m amazed. As age creeps in, I’ve found that I will always get the beginning of a headache as soon as I take a sip of Sulphite laced wine. With ‘clean wine’ it’s simply disappeared, nada, gone, vamoosed.

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Colin

      It’s so good to hear that you can once again enjoy a glass of your favourite wine without the worry of a headache after using Clean Wine!

      Thank you for your wonderful review.


      Clean Wine

  28. STEPHANIE M. (verified owner)

    It works! Quick delivery get it!

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Stephanie

      Glad to hear you are happy with your Clean Wine, thank you for taking time to leave a review.


      Clean Wine

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Seems to work although can change the taste of the wine slightly

    • CWAdmin (store manager)


      Thank you for taking time to leave a review.

      Clean Wine should not change the taste of the wine provided you follow the correct dosage, with good quality wines you won’t need as much Clean Wine to have the desired effect.

      When conducting blind taste tests we have not noticed any significant increase in the ability to correctly identify the glass containing Clean Wine. However, in studies where the subject knows a glass contains Clean Wine they often say they can taste a slight difference which leads us to believe there could be a bit of a psychosomatic element to this. Try a blind taste test with some friend and see what results you get, it could make for a fun evening!


      Clean Wine

  30. Sarah M. (verified owner)

    slightly impaired the flavour of wine (very subtle after-taste), but as i’m not a wine aficionado, it kind of didn’t bother me! It feels as though it works, could be placebo effect, but not too bothered as to why when I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy after any time I’ve used!

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Sarah

      Glad to hear that Clean Wine is helping you to wake up fresh as a daisy and not feeling and bad side effects of a hangover.

      If you are experiencing any change in the flavour of the wine it could be that you have added more Clean Wine than you need to, maybe try a smaller dose to begin with, it is easy to think that adding more will have a better effect but this isn’t the case with Clean Wine, using the recommended dosage will still get rid of your hangover and also make your Clean Wine last longer!


      Clean Wine

  31. Laura M. (verified owner)

    It made our wine taste like chlorine 🤢 had to get another glass of wine 🙄

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Dear Laura

      Thank you for your review.

      We are sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with Clean Wine.

      Provided the correct dosage instructions are followed (remembering that good quality wines require much less Clean Wine, otherwise it may cause the taste to flatten) then there should be no noticeable effect on the taste.

      We have undertaken blind tasting tests and there is no statistically significant ability, with blind tasting, for a subject to be able to notice any difference between untreated wine and Clean Wine treated wine. In fact, in these test more people say that the untreated wine contains Clean Wine!

      However, what has been interesting with those studies is that when people are aware that a glass contains Clean Wine they nearly always say they can taste a slight difference in the taste of the wine. Therefore, we feel that there is an element of psychosomatics at play here.

      Maybe if you could try doing a blind taste test with a friend to assist you may be surprised.

      Kind regards

      Clean Wine

  32. Mrs Gaynor Colston (verified owner)

    The first time I tried clean wine I only had 1to2 glasses and I think it worked ? No headache but felt very sleepy the next day? Since then I’ve had a headache on the same amount of wine? Maybe I needed another couple of sprays? I’ll keep trying 🤞

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Gaynor

      Thank you for taking time to leave a review.

      Did you use a the same dosage both times? If you are particularly sensitive to sulphites in wine you can use a little extra Clean Wine but not too much as it can alter the taste of the wine and make it taste a little flat if you use too much.

      If you have any questions please give me a call.


      Clean Wine

  33. Katherine L. (verified owner)

    I needed 4 sprays per glass to significantly relieve my symptoms

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Katherine

      Thank you for taking time to leave a review.

      Some people are more sensitive to sulphites than others so will need to increase the dosage a little in order to get the full effect of Clean Wine, I am glad to hear that it has worked for you!


      Clean Wine

  34. kelly Jones (verified owner)

    This stuff really works! I love wine but hate the hangover but using clean wine makes a massive difference, I have brought 4 bottles so far

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Kelly

      It’s wonderful to hear how well Clean Wine is working for you, glad to hear you can now enjoy a glass or two without the fear of a hangover!

      Thank you for leaving a lovely review.


      Clean Wine

  35. lauren (verified owner)

    I really like the product however one of the bottles leaked

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Lauren

      Thank you for taking time to leave a review.

      I am really glad that you like the product and that it works well for you, I am very sorry that the other bottle leaked, please email me so we can work out a solution for you.


      Clean Wine

  36. abbey (verified owner)

    Works so well!! I am going to purchase another one

    • CWAdmin (store manager)

      Hi Abbey

      Thank you so much for your review.

      I am really glad to hear that you love Clean Wine so much you will be buying from us again!


      Clean Wine

  37. Kimberley (verified owner)

    Love this product!! I didn’t think anything would not give me a hangover but this actually works!! 😃

  38. Emilia (verified owner)

    Love the spray. Works really well and for the first time I do not have a bad headache after few glasses of wine! Would definitely need more of it as great product for a really good price!

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s works well, I’ve ordered 2 more.

  40. Miss J. (verified owner)

  41. Stela (verified owner)

    Well it is amazing, because I don’t have anymore headaches! It really works! Just ordered another one.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. Lisa H. (verified owner)

    For me, it’s a miracle! I adore red wine but had to abandon it because the headache and blocked nose after just 1 glass was unbearable. Thought I’d give Clean Wine a go, and hey presto! I can recommend this product unreservedly 🙂

  44. Ashtyn S. (verified owner)

    Bought this as part of a prezzie for my pals bday and she loves it! She uses it every night out and says there’s no hangover for sure

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you for your quick response after recently receiving a leaky bottle, which was replaced immediately!

  46. Penelope Penn (verified owner)

    I suffer dreadfully with an intolerance to Sulphites!! Even a mouthful of particularly white wine, I would be sneezing, eyes watering just awful hay fever symptoms. Thanks to clean wine spray I can drink normally and enjoy myself! A wonderful product I will never be without! Thanks especially to Damien for his helpful advice😀

  47. stephenson, p. (verified owner)

    Didn’t work for either of us

  48. jade Murray (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it says on the tin

  49. Joanne (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    1.5 bottles of red down (don’t judge me) and some sprays of this in each glass…. I was able to get up the next day with only a tiny headache. I had a few ibuprofens for the headache but I wasn’t bed ridden like I normally am with a red wine headache! I even managed to get out on a boat for the day by 11pm! I’ve recommended to all of my friends and will be purchasing again – god send!! Thank you

  51. Daisy (verified owner)

    Great service – arrived swiftly and the product actually works!

  52. Tracy Cleverdon (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I drank 3 bottles of wine with my neighbour last night and I feel amazing today! Will be buying a lot more

  53. Brian Brown (verified owner)

    This works! I use it because I have become intolerant to sulphites in wine, particularly in my favourite Australian and New Zealand wines which do not have the strict limitations on the amount of sulphites which European wines have. My intolerance was causing me to have atrial fibrillation or heart flutters, but Clean Wine has stopped that.
    However, my first order came in the dropper bottles which, as other reviews have said, were difficult to use. I’m hoping the new spray containers work much better. My major negative is that the standard free delivery takes up to two weeks to arrive, which in this day and age is ridiculous for such a small parcel. That is why I give it only four stars Instead of the five it deserves.

  54. Zoe (verified owner)

    Worked a treat!

  55. Sally L. (verified owner)

    Great service, great product, nice packaging

  56. Saffron (verified owner)

    Very efficient service and delivery

  57. Lynne Muir (verified owner)

    Not yet received the product, so surprised to be asked for a review!!

  58. Tony Murphy (verified owner)

    I find this product works really well for me, I had totally stopped drinking wine, as I had terrible hangovers, I finally put it down to Sulphites, Clean Wine, is great by neutralising these.

  59. Annie (verified owner)

    I can’t comment yet as I still haven’t received my product.

  60. Caroline C. (verified owner)

    If I had received my order then maybe I could have written a review!

  61. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Great product that actually works!!! Fast delivery too

  62. Jan R. (verified owner)

    Such an amazing product, haven’t been able to enjoy a glass of wine for years because of get migraines even with the littlest amount but no headaches now. Thanks again

  63. CWAdmin (store manager)

    Below is a link to a recent customer Instagram Video review.

    The Clean Wine Team

  64. Francine Gregory (verified owner)

    This is great stuff and it works. The sulphites in wine always made my asthma a little worse (took me ages to see the connection !) and gave me a headache even on small amounts. This has stopped that. It is also great at softening harsher new world wines – great in Australian Shiraz. Just be careful using it in good quality old world wines. It ruined a good glass of Bordeaux – made it very flat. Use sparingly in those.

  65. Louise k. (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase.
    I really believe it works and if it get rid of the rubbish in the wine that harms the body than it has done it’s job.

  66. Sylvia Poole (verified owner)

    I am surprised so far this solution I personally feel is very effective and actually works.

  67. Julie L. (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly

  68. Shawnee

    Clean Wine is just great!

    Thanks and hugs for this product 🙂

  69. Karsten Moock

    It does it what it says. I have used it on the drinks of several friends now and it always has been 100% effective

  70. Claire

    I suffer terribly only after 2 glasses but this has definitely helped and I noticed the difference straight away.

  71. Peter

    Agree with all these reviews. Had doubts but this product really works. Also agree the dropper bottles were hard to use, so glad to see you have changed to a spray. Will definitely be back for more.

  72. Pippa Tunnell

    Worked well. The only problem is the dropper on the bottle which is very different to control, and I have wasted at least half of the product trying to control the flow.

  73. Elaine Coulson

    I’m putting in a second order & keep raving to friends about it. Just don’t get cocky like me & drink 2 full bottles!

  74. Jacqui F

    My reaction to wine has (depressingly) been getting worse in recent years. As little as a single glass could cause a persistent headache the following day, which pain killers didn’t touch. When I heard about Clean Wine, I had to try it. I’m delighted to say it really does work – as long as I remember to use it! I agree that the dropper on the bottle could be improved, but other than that I simply cannot fault it and I’ll certainly be buying it again.

  75. Elaine Hames

    Amazing! I developed a horrendous sulphite allergy after the birth of my daughter and ended up in a and e after 1 bottle of prosecco. I was so pleased to find this product as I can now enjoy a glass of wine and do not feel like I have even had a drink! Thank you I will definitely be buying more of this once my current supply runs out. The only thing I would change is the dropper system as it is hard to control the amount of drops, maybe a pipette would be more accurate but thank you for this great product!

  76. Kay

    Really impressed. I normally suffer dreadful hangovers after drinking white wine with sulphites, but this actually works. Well done team at Clean wine, I shall be purchasing again. Thank you for making wine even more enjoyable.

  77. Sally Beaumont

    This is a great product, it really helps with reducing one’s hangover.
    I am having to use more than a couple of drops because I drink sparkling wine, and also I’m not 21 any more, and do react to booze!
    Try it, I think you’ll be pleased.

  78. victoria lynch

    This stuff really is amazing i did not expect much from it at first. But i now wont be drinking wine without it i have also recommended this to all my friends, it doesnt alter the taste of your wine and does exactly what it says. No hangover whatsoever fantastic 👍

  79. Andrea

    Super product.Does exactly what it says it will do.

  80. Sammy

    Genuinely works, we were dubious but there have been zero prosecco headaches since we bought them!!!

  81. Sally Sterling

    This stuff is amazing, as a migraine sufferer I really can’t enjoy wine like I used to. Until now… I’ve notice a incredible difference. I can now have wine and not wake up with bad head. Would highly recommend this product as this does not effect the taste but does effect the after effects.

  82. Sandra

    I am amazed by this products, it does exactly what it says it does and you wake up the next day definitely with a clearer head. I just wish I had discovered this sooner!”

  83. Jane

    As a middle aged woman I noticed that from my mid-forties I started to feel ill effects after drinking a few glass of red wine. I tried Clean Wine but was sceptical that it would have any effect. However, to my pleasant surprise the next day after drinking red wine with Clean Wine I felt like I had not had a drink. I won’t drink wine without Clean Wine now!

  84. Darren

    I noticed that I used to suffer worse from my asthma after drinking wine compared to drinking spirits and always seemed to have a irritating asthma cough in the morning after wine the previous evening. I then read about sulphites aggravating asthma and tried Clean Wine to remove them. This stuff is great, I now don’t have the same adverse effects after drinking wine with Clean Wine and I definitely have a clearer head the next day

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